Got ink? Well, if you’re inked or can comment about tattoos, you’re going to like today’s news cycle. A Texas man was booted from a restaurant. (News venues are calling the Texas-based Bombshells a “breastaurant” which opens up a whole other discussion about sexism in the restaurant industry.) This Atlanta news team said it best, “The restaurant should have left it at I am sorry.” No kidding. That’s because the restaurant issued a public apology stating they thought the tattoos were gang-related after the man went to social media to create online viral awareness about what had happened to him. Calling all experts who can speak about restaurant etiquette! Please teach restaurant owners how to successfully interact with their patrons and possible patrons ~ especially in the age of Yelp. Business and trade media will be looking for your tips for sure. It’s hard to believe that any restaurant today would deny service after the history we’ve experienced. Selma’s been in the news lately. Not a day goes by in our news cycle now without a conversation about racism.

If you didn’t see my Huffington Post entry, “Is it racist,” I urge you to take a look at it and consider what experience you have to contribute to solve this ever-evolving issue surrounding American police officers. Ferguson remains in the news. If you’re a person who has ever trained police officers or if you’re retired from the police force, the media will be looking for you. There’s a nation-wide push now to have race sensitivity training with law enforcement. I lived in Cincinnati during the race riots and was called for jury duty during that time. I was ever frustrated by the justice system and what I witnessed from all sides during the trials. I remember being on the streets of Cincinnati at a music concert and being approached by police in swat gear. Scary stuff for anyone of any race. That’s another story. Since then, Cincinnati has worked hard to ease race relations. An issue of trust is the under-current and if you’ve studied sociology, psychology or human behavior, the media will be looking for you to provide sound-bites.

If you own an Inc., you might be interested in commenting on the Herbalife “pyramid scheme” or so says William Ackman, founder and CEO of the hedge fund Pershing Square Captial. Experts in business have lots to discuss with media. From how government legislation and debt affect their business to rolling with the stock market ups and downs, local business owners are useful to their media friends, who are always looking for a comment to intergrate into their articles and newscasts.

Finally, don’t forget to inq. That’s inquire, I mean to say.  When you approach a media venue, be sure to check out their editorial calendar. Wasabi Publicity publicists have been reviewing editorial calendars for more than 25 years. That’s because it gives you something to talk about when you inquire. Say something like, “Oh, hello Fast Company (or insert your favorite media here) I saw in your editorial calendar, you’re about to cover secrets of the most productive people. I have a secret (insert other venue’s topic here).” Then tell them your productivity secret (or other related content to venue’s editorial calendar). Or hire a PR firm to tell them on your behalf.

Speaking of Fast Company, did you see the article on good gossip Wasabi Publicity’s team placed this past week for our client Landmark? It was placed by responding to incoming leads like those found at PitchRate.

So, whether you sport INK, own INC. or simply INQ. about media opportunities, be sure to check with your local and national media. They just might be looking for your commentary on today’s news-of-the-day.