Lions (#CecilTheLion) and birthday songs are in the news today. The birthday song’s in the news because it might be in the public domain after all. Sing to me! It happens to be my birthday next Wednesday, August 5th. Hump day birthdays are the worst. Plus, my husband has an obligation that night so I’m left trying to figure out what to do on my birthday. I’d LOVE to hear from you with ideas on what one can do alone on their birthday. So write to me. As a Leo, I love the attention. Speaking of lions, let’s talk about something sad. #CecilTheLion

The whole world is buzzing about the cruel killing and hours of torture beset upon Cecil, a beloved Lion in Zimbabwe. Like most people, I’m terribly saddened by this story and still wonder about big game hunting. For most educated people in my personal circle, hunting for food is still okay, but hunting for sport is definitely something frowned upon, especially if the meat isn’t eaten. Cecil’s story isn’t just about big game hunting, but about protection, laws and the aftermath of how this killing will now lead to the killing of other lions in Cecil’s bloodline. Here is an NPR report.

If you are an expert in big game hunting or how international negative attention affects small businesses, like dentistry, the media will be looking for your commentary. Protests are planned for the dentist who killed Cecil. I suspect his business will never be the same. His staff, innocent victims in an international storm resulting from this dentist’s ‘hobby,’ is also an interesting angle to ponder. Business owner’s hobbies can affect their staff. Talk about this in your media pitching today. How people choose hobbies and what drives their choices also can make for interesting angles for media coverage.

Personally, my hobbies include whitewater kayaking, dirt biking and obstacle course racing. I guess others get their adrenaline rush from a different ‘sport’ and the world is now trying to make sense out of whether or not the big game hunting sport makes sense. What’s your view? Make it heard now. This story is sure to have legs for a bit.

Having been born in August with an astrological sign of Leo, lions have always fascinated me. At this time, the focus will also be on how lions live and raise their young. If you’re a scientist, animal activist or if you’ve been using studies from prides, like the one for which Cecil was tagged, now is the time to write up your reflections and get them to media friends so the public can be informed by your industry insights.

I guess my birthday this year might come and go, but I reflect on Cecil’s life, my own and others. What drives us? What drives others? Every day in the news people are trying to make sense out of how to be healthy, make more wealth and find more love. One day, the safari ride we call life will end and will your legacy be what you want it to be? Will people mourn your passing as they do this great lion? Now’s the time to act. Now’s the time to leave your paw print. Hopefully, what you aim for will be for the greatest and highest good for all, not just yourself. #MakeADifference (Hint: This can include your hobbies.)