You hooking up? Better not be adultery: The Ashley Madison adultery site was hacked and 37 million users may be exposed. I’ve known people who cheat and the burden of their secrets weighs on me. I wish I didn’t know. To be clear, if I’m ever asked directly about their fidelity, I would answer honestly … to their spouse, their friends and their family. I simply don’t say because I’m not asked. In 1999, a friend of mine asked me to lie to her husband about where she spent the night. She already told him she had spent the night with me. I responded, “You better hope your husband doesn’t ask me, because I’ll be honest and tell him you weren’t with me.” The husband never asked. She never asked me to lie again.

Why people cheat, lie and mislead … they’re all great news hooks for media coverage.

Ashley Madison’s site motto is: “Life is short. Have an affair.” The exact reason I choose to be honest is because life is short. You can have risk and enjoy the growth from risk, without breaking your word to another person. I find risk in business, sports and personal growth. Where do you find risk? Is it in dishonest behavior? Write about it.

People’s ‘double life’ behavior is often baffling to others. The media is still trying to make sense of the Chattanooga shooter’s behavior evaluating his need to be a martyr. Obama orders flags to fly at half mast to honor the victims.

Trump’s behavior, while perplexing, is transparent. As he continues to heap insults against others, his poll ratings rise. Why is that? While people evaluate his hot-headed nature, one thing’s for sure. The man is direct. (Maybe too direct. Wonder what his publicist is recommending??) He is a straight-talker and personally, while I do not plan to vote for him, I certainly give him props as he deals with the media and his own sound biting. His media acumen is interesting to watch and evaluate. And entertaining. I’m not the only one who finds Trump entertaining, though. Jon Stewart comes back from summer break and promises to run out his clock with Trump’s ongoing “word-puke.” Oh, if you’re interested in being part of any public debate, Trump’s rants are sure to be fodder for you. The media goes on to ask Trump if he’s going to continue to call people losers and resort to his typical demeaning physical commentary if he becomes president. His response is more like a third grader’s, “Well, you all in the media make fun of my hair.” It all points to being accountable for one’s behavior. And one’s own word-puke.

If you’re lying, attacking another or simply vomiting words, chances are you’ll be hooking up with karma. You know what mama said, “What goes around comes around.” Be sure what you’re dishing out to others is something you’d want to eat.