“Circle, circle dot dot operation cootie shot.” Well, you’re going to need that if you are headed to Montgomery, Alabama. The CDC says Montgomery is the most sexually diseased US city. Pitting cities against each other in comparison is always a good media hook. Unfortunately, it feels like winners and losers.

I live in “beer city” aka Asheville and so many other cities compete for its title. So much so, I’m not sure Asheville is actually legit anymore to call itself beer city. No worries, there’s a dark side to being beer city, so reports Mountain Xpress.

Atlanta wins for best architecture.  Salt Lake City wins for best soccer city. If you want to raise a family, head to Kansas City because ‘they’ say it’s the best to do that there. CNN reports on this year’s world’s best cities overall. Topping the list is Kyoto, Japan.

So, all you globe trotting travelers, get your cootie shot before you go. Until then, tie in the “best cities” (or the worst cities) into your media pitching.