Bang! Ronda Rousey fights Walmart; and looks like she’s still undefeated including her books sales. I reported on Tuesday Walmart’s refusal to carry Rousey’s memoir. Yesterday, Fox Sports reports Ronda Rousey sends message to Walmart over the fact they won’t display her book in stores due to her “violent occupation.” Rousey then points out all the violent products they sell in their stores ending with her bestseller book status and 2nd amendment rights. Do you have a dog in this fight? If your expertise lies in any industry related to Rousey’s life or Walmart’s presence in the world, get in front of newsmakers now. Whether it’s bang, boom or pop, they want to hear from you today.

In the past week, I’ve pitched and heard on the news dozens of “spring clean” angles from all industries: fashion, social media, relationships, money and careers. Are you maximizing your seasonal angles as well? Don’t forget, right now long lead media is looking for mom and dad day angles. Soon it will be travel tips and then at the end of summer, back to school. Get a head start on your writing now. Just like Kim Kardashian got a head start on her fame when she was a personal assistant to Paris Hilton. Speaking of spring cleaning, it’s being reported today that Hilton never told Kardashian to clean her closet. Boom.

In news that really affects our lives, the Boston marathon bomber is convicted. Obama backs the end to “conversation therapy.”  Another white police officer has killed a black man. This time in the back. Sabra recalls hummus over possible listeria contamination. (I love Sabra hummus. Bummer.)

So, if your expertise relates to any of these stories, now’s your time to get in the ring and fight the good fight. Make a difference with what you say. Pow. Leave the media saying, “Wow.”