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Kim’s passion for storytelling has spanned two decades and multiple platforms including publishing (The Spectator) Television (ABC, CBS, NBC, National Geographic and Comedy Central) and the digital realm (Mercedes, Ferrari and Gap.) Wunderlust has defined her global journey with stops in London, NY, LA, Paris, Rome and now Mallorca, with her equally global son Santo.

Behind the Curtain: Demystifying Video Production (Myth #2)

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In this series of posts, we will shatter some of the misconceptions around video production and hopefully inspire you to reach out for help to create content around your own authentic message. MYTH #2: THE MAGIC FORMULA (Hint, there isn’t one) [su_youtube_advanced url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9eBGUYK2lQ" controls="alt" showinfo="no" rel="no" modestbranding="yes"] [Go here for MYTH #1: BUDGET] Many people [...]

Behind the Curtain: Demystifying Video Production (Myth #1)

By |2016-10-13T16:37:50-04:00August 4th, 2016|

[su_youtube_advanced url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvWZrVM46b8" controls="alt" showinfo="no" rel="no" modestbranding="yes"] We all know visual storytelling and video content is one of the most powerful marketing tools to spread your message on the internet. (If you don’t believe us, just ask Mark Zuckerberg.) But how do you go about actually creating that content? Where do you start? In this series [...]