My PR firm Wasabi Publicity represents Mutual Rescue, a nonprofit out to change the conversation from ‘people or animals’ to ‘people and animals’ because let’s face it, pets rescue us as much as we rescue them.  I like to share with you exceptional case studies from public relations because deep in my heart, I know stories we tell each other shape us. Stories influence, motivate and change us. Hallmark recently featured the film Kylie and Liza and there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio – nor in the viewing audience.

In every sense of the word, it was a ‘Hallmark’ moment: warm, memorable and very intimate. This story changes, impacts, and moves people to action. In two short months, the film’s been seen close to 5 million times. Pediatric cancer treatments and finding homes for animals are two worthy, underfunded causes.

If you want to create your ‘Hallmark’ moment with the public, choose to tell a story worth sharing. Learn from this campaign; last year’s film, Eric and Peety, has been seen more than 85 million times. After going viral with the first film, it was time to find some more stories. Its public call-for-stories in 2016 uncovered “Kylie and Liza.”

Kylie & Liza, a Mutual Rescue™ Film

Will your story be chosen for the 2018 season? Share it.

If you’re out to influence people, choose a story worth telling. Widen the influence by asking others to tell their stories, too. We all have a story to share.