I personally think the most interesting place to watch people is the airport. There, you really see the insanity of it all.

Recently I sat in Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Zurich before heading to the center of the universe: New York City. I saw all kinds of interesting characters that day – the guy in cowboy boots and a suede jacket with fringes running up the arm (not exactly what you’d expect here in Hungary), the mom with two boys who looked way too young to have kids…

Isn’t it fun to sit back and watch as people live their lives? I always wonder if they’re happy.

There’s a quote by author John Hall that says, “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose and you don’t even know it.”

Well, I’m putting that to the test.

Most people, more than anything, want to be happy. That’s it. But what does “I’m happy” really mean? That you have a spring your step? You’re constantly grinning from ear to ear? You own the biggest house on the block or drive the newest car? You have more time to spend with your kids or your family? What is this seemingly elusive notion of happiness?

I can tell you for sure it’s NOT tied to things – not for me, anyway. Unfortunately, many of us have bought into the notion that money buys happiness. I mean, let’s be honest. If we didn’t believe that, why would so many of us hop on the same hamster wheel every morning, without even questioning it?

Really stop and think about that.

Now, I know being on the hamster wheel has somewhat of a negative connotation. But the question is: are those hamsters happy? I like to think some are, depending on the wheel. So what particular wheel would make you so ecstatic that you’d want to spend all your time on it?

Where do you even look to answer to this question? If it’s not Disney movies, what you see on TV, or what your friends and family members tell you, then where?

The funny thing is, where to look is the most important part of the happiness equation.

So here’s the thing: there’s no right or wrong answer and my telling you would just be more of the same. But like I said, I’m putting the saying, “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose,” to the test.

Tell me: where do you look to find happiness? And have you found it?