My husband rolled his eyes when I downloaded and started using the teen favorite app, Bitmoji. Any time a popular technology service makes a big change, like Facebook testing Emjoi’s as reaction icons, that could be great news hooks to score PR. At the very least, it could be fodder for your own emotional processing.

You have the ability to respond to any moment of your life with: love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger. Do you realize you can ‘choose’ these emotional responses? Here’s an exercise. Think about what happened yesterday. Write down different possible emotional responses to what you actually ‘chose.’ Hard to do? Then, you might be a bit hooked by the circumstance and some personal development might free you up. At the very least, talk about it with a trusted friend. Journal about it in private. Meditate on it. Then when you have your ‘aha’s’ and fabulous insights, share with the rest of us so we all learn to choose our emotions from moment to moment.

Let’s see which emotions are being chosen in the news today:

Which emotions are you going to choose moment to moment? First, note you’re choosing and then share. I recommend choosing the closest emotion to love and leave the haters hating.