Angel of God: My guardian dear; to whom His love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side to light and guard to rule and guide. Amen

Do you believe in guardian angels? Let’s ponder whether angels exist. First, a little bit about undercover operations: both my personal experience and those in the news today, which by the way is very heavy and controversial.

Here’s my personal experience. I wore a body microphone when I was 20 years old, which served to capture evidence that later incarcerated a child molester I knew who had moved on to child pornography. He had molested many children, including me. So, I have first hand experience at undercover operations. In most undercover operations, right and wrong may be clear, like in my personal example. However, in the news, we hear of undercover operations and the lines can become blurred.

Any time an undercover operation releases a report or video, that’s news. Take note. If your life’s work has something to do with the topics of the undercover investigation, make your sound bites, stories and stats available to community leaders, media friends and other public officials who can make our society safe and sound for all. But what constitutes safe and sound? This may fluctuate from person to person. Our newsmakers strive to present all sides of the story. Many times the reports leave most of us contemplating what’s right and wrong in our society today. Journal about your thoughts. If you believe in angels, ask your guardian angels for guidance.

Right and wrong is a topic left for our courts and legislative arms. Planned Parenthood is in the news today. My personal experience of Planned Parenthood, which I went to in Chicago during my college years, was quite positive. While I’ve personally not had an abortion (nor have been pregnant), I do know people who have. This choice, however, in my opinion, is a woman’s to make. I know most of us have deeply held beliefs about abortion and women’s health, especially access to health for the poor. Further, many in society are divided when it comes to medical research. When you hear news and feel passionately about it, write down your thoughts and reflections. Then, if your commentary warrants a public platform, share your thoughts in a media pitch. Your opinions might contribute to lawmakers, journalists and societal leaders who are shaping ‘safe and sound’ for all.

Whether you love or loathe Planned Parenthood, you cannot deny how the organization is impacting news and legislative cycles today … all because of an undercover investigation.

If you’re seeking media coverage, take note of undercover reports and videos like these:

The perspective of “safe and sound” changes from person to person. What’s yours? I pray to my guardian angel our news-makers, legislators, leaders and you (dear reader) are guided to what’s right for all our highest good, not what’s just sensational today in our scandal-loving society. Amen.