Does your story have “legs” for the media? It will if you tie it into breaking news of the day. For example, have you noticed how many people are legbombing since Angelina Jolie’s leg bomb at the Oscars on Sunday? Celebrity, seasonal and breaking news tie-ins make your story interesting and usable to the media. It answers the question for them, “Why now?” They need to know why what you’re saying is relevant now. Look, even if you don’t really have a natural tie-in to what’s breaking or seasonal in the news, roll up those pants legs and show some skin. The media will appreciate it. You never know, your interview dance card might even fill-up! Get a leg-up on the competition and follow those trends! My business partner, Drew Gerber, created PitchRate, a free media lead service connecting the media with rated expert sources. It’s also a great place to watch for trends because media ask for interview sources there. So get one step ahead. Okay, too many “leg” puns already? You’re probably right. Okay, let me step aside (hee hee). Show some skin with your media outreach. You can’t go wrong. :-)

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