WOOF! We landed the front page of the Hendersonville Times News daily paper over the weekend. Do you know how rrrrrough it is to score front page ink?

[Dog whine.] Rrrrrough. After 20 years generating earned editorial media coverage (aka PR coverage), I’ve learned one thing… front page coverage doesn’t come around unless you do this one thing: serve the media’s needs first.  Joan Stewart aka The Publicity Hound used to edit newspapers. She taught me years ago that media people loathe press conferences and prefer fun and engaging events. So, when I wanted to gift the Blue Ridge Husky Rescue a media bone, I suggested in a PR Happy Hour training session they offer a fun and engaging event to publicize their new nonprofit. So an urban mushing event was born and I volunteered to “mush” my foster dog with my roller blades. You can see us barking up the newspaper’s front page with smiles. Best of all, the foster-turned-poster dog, Smokey, now is barking up and down his new backyard. See some video of his new home below. WOOF!

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