Do you recognize this river? It’s the same river you probably saw in the movie, “Deliverance.” Most of you know I’m a whitewater kayaker and in this shot I’m running a rapid called, “Sock ‘Em Dog” on the Chattooga (Section  4). Many consider this rapid dangerous – others consider it fun. Choose your own perspective. But it just leaves me to ask, “Are you delivering extreme PR” in your business? What I mean by that is, “Are you taking risks?” Maybe you know you’re ready to be an expert voice on Dr. Phil but are just afraid to offer a story idea to the show’s producers. Or perhaps you read Ladies Home Journal and think wow, I could write an article like that, but you refuse to contact the editor clearly identified at the beginning of the magazine. Well, people who know me well, know my favorite saying, “The only risk in life is living a risk-free life.” So take that risk! Contact your favorite media venues and let them know your creative ideas. If you don’t, another will, trust me. My mother asked me why I started whitewater kayaking in 1997. She said, “Oh, Michelle, why do you do such dangerous things?” I quickly replied quoting something I had just read in a book (sorry I forget the author), “Mom, we

[kayakers] do not take these risks to escape life but rather, to prevent life from escaping us.” There was a pregnant pause after I said that and my mom then said, “Hmm. That’s a good answer.” So, get out there. Send that email. Make that phone call. Get you some extreme PR and see how it will benefit your business.

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