My Spartan Trifecta Race teammate, Melissa taught TRX this spring and didn’t notice J-Lo in her class. She didn’t notice her entourage either. Lady Gaga needs to come to the country y’all where no one will recognize her because today she is crying she is so famous she “misses people.” Country folk will see right through that. We’re busy fighting forest fires here in the South, and this includes super famous Dolly Parton who is clear when to go to the city and when to stay in the country. Many people say the Trump election and inaccurate polls were a city vs country phenomenon. Well, just ask Jeff Foxworthy. The success of his “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” perplexed Hollywood.

So, are you a city person? A country person? Or someone who loves both equally, like me? The marketing and societal differences of city and country-folk make for fascinating media commentary.

Write down your city and country soundbites. How’s health care in each? The job market? Quality of life? Stress response? Any commentary related to health, wealth and love will attract media coverage. Check news tie-ins whether you’re in the city or in the country. Once you get your thoughts on paper, pitch your media friends. They too are looking to attract all kinds of kin to tune in, too. Yeehaw!