One of our readers had a pertinent question to my last blog, “suppose that you are covering a positive action taken by a governmental body? Would that sort of article need a call to action?”

Thanks for writing in your question. Yes, even PR for governmental agency wins need a call-to-action. I’ll incorporate this in a future post on this blog to explore. However, in the interim, think about it this way.

  1. Why am I doing PR? ?️
  2. Tie the call-to-action into your “why.” ?️
For example, of the governmental agencies, I’ve represented, these are the “why” reasons they’ve done PR and the suggested call-to-action I recommended:
  1. WHY = enrollment into a grant-funded program offered online and in-person training.
    CALL TO ACTION: sign up for our newsletter to get more information on these free programs offered to the public.
  2. WHY = need PR for grant writing applications.
    CALL TO ACTION: Share your video on how you’re participating and be sure to tag our hashtag. (This way you can track participation you might not otherwise know about. With a hash tag, it lives online until you need examples to list inside grant reporting or applications.)
  3. WHY = generate knowledge about a report on a scientific study.
    CALL TO ACTION: download our free report on our website.
  4. WHY = inspire press to mention the government agency.
    CALL TO ACTION: Please share this website.
I hope this helps. If you have more specific needs not addressed here, do let us know.