NEWS HOOKS Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Today, the headlines include a lion with a broken neck getting a second chance, a tiger escaping an Oklahoma City Zoo enclosure, and a guy who says he punched a bear to save his dog. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Animals are always a good call to attract attention.

Are you a vet, animal trainer or do you know the ins and outs of wildlife? How about environmentalists? If so, you can tie this into your pitches, press releases and articles.

It’s also a great tie-in for seniors and families — how do animals contribute to our well-being? I covered this in my blog post called, Eye on the ball.”

Let’s not forget the Kentucky Derby: the first Saturday in May. Having been raised in Louisville, Derby city, this spring event is always epic. If you’ve got something to say about horses, better tie it into the Derby this time of year.

As seasons change, animal behavior and care also changes. In fact, soon we will all be taking summer vacations and “don’t feed the animals” tips will be sought by media friends. Right after summer will come fall and winter along with insights needed on how human sprawl has affected wildlife health and safety (and human health and safety).  Be sure to connect these tie-ins for the biggest “punch” to attract attention.

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