Where was the missing link?

Right under your nose? Probably. When it comes to PR, finding the missing link is like looking for your car keys; it’s usually in the most obvious place, and when you find it you’ll say to yourself, “Uh, I knew I should have looked there!”

And a lot of times you might not be the one who finds the keys. You may have had a spouse or friend aid in the search — someone who can take a step back and analyze the situation. “Honey, weren’t you wearing your pea coat when you walked in the door? I’ll check the pockets.” And Voila! — your car keys have appeared.

It’s the same with PR. A PR partner takes a step back, checks your pockets, the couch, YOUR CAR’S IGNITION, and Voila! — the subject line of your pitch has been changed, a minor tweak has been made in your branding, or your timing has been adjusted, and you’re now prepping yourself for an interview with Dr. Phil.

If you’ve watched the video Michelle and I made already, then you probably get the picture. If you haven’t watched it, click play already. You have to find a partner, whether it’s the Publicity Results! PR Partnership Program I’ve developed, or a friend to bounce ideas off of, or your 8-year-old nephew you can practice your messaging with. It doesn’t matter, just find someone who’ll take a step back and help you find what you’re missing… whether it’s your car keys or your subject line.

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