It’s that time of year when people “take a break” for the holiday season. But should you pitch the media this time of year? Or not pitch? I love Shakespeare. In fact, many of you might not even know it, I have a B.F.A. from DePaul University in theater. Let’s just say, those who know me well know I have a natural spark for the dramatic. With that said, you know who else likes the dramatic? Media. Why? You and I (Jane and Joe Public) tune in to whatever dramatic story they have on-air or in print. This time of year is an especially good time of year to do last-minute, short-lead holiday pitching (but forget magazines, they’re already into spring) and New Year’s or Valentine’s Day story ideas. In fact, Valentine’s Day is the most media-pitched holiday so get a head start. There are some poor souls in media who have to work through the holidays and they’re looking for assistance in finding a good (dramatic) story to tell while everyone is ‘on break.’  (You’re still watching and reading the news, though.) So, for sure keeping pitching. If you’ve got a dramatic news story to tell, there for sure is a media person who is out there willing to listen and get help from you. So, read your favorite sonnet for inspiration and get to writing. From a stage, Shakespeare fed the soul of the masses who shouted, clapped or threw oranges and tomatoes when they liked or didn’t like something. Today, we (the Joe and Jane masses) fire our likes and dislikes from our Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Then and now, we’re still human and we all love a good story. Got one?

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