You already have everything you need to create a killer angle that’s sure to grab the media’s attention — you just have to keep your eyes and ears open!

Creating a killer angle all comes down to being able to shift your thinking from outside your own world to the perspectives of a wider audience. You have to think about what’s important to them, what problems they are facing and what solutions you can provide. Breaking and seasonal news are always good indicators of what people are interested in. How do I know this? Well, just like how we as good PR pros always serve the media; the media always serves their audience’s interests. So what tip can I share that will help you come up with a killer angle that’s sure to grab the media’s attention?

Here it is:

Pay attention! You have to be on top of what’s going on in the news, and then figure out what you have to offer that would be a good fit. Set up your Google Alerts to notify you whenever a news story is published that’s relevant to your expertise. Read it, study it and come up with a new and fresh perspective. This is something you should always be doing, because it’s great practice and is the key ingredient to any successful pitch. Your angle could be tied to breaking news or it could be seasonal, but if you create one that allows you to easily answer the questions “Why should the media care?” and “Why should the media care now?”, then you’ll know yours is killer!