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How do you find the media? With the advent of the Internet there’s so many different ways for you to find the media and reach out and pitch them.

So let me just go over some of the ways that you can find the media that’s right for you.

First, there’s media lists. You can buy a list, you can do searches, and on the Web site there’s some free media lists that we recommend, particularly if you’re looking for gift guide or radio lists. has some really great resource partners that you should check out.

To build your media list, you’ll need to do some homework. First, write down who you would like to communicate with.
•    What TV shows are they watching?
•    What magazines are they reading?
•    What newspapers are they reading?
•    What radio shows are they listening to?
Next, find out which hosts or reporters are doing stories for these shows and publications, and then contact them. All their information’s out there and many are on free media lists. They’re very easy to find on the Internet.

Now, one of the things I like to do (and if you’re going to do this type of research I recommend you do it too) is when you reach out to the media, really acknowledge them for work that they’ve done by mentioning something specific that you liked in one of their stories. Everybody responds well to compliments and it shows that you’ve done your homework, you know who they are, and you’re not just randomly trying to reach out to them.

Another great resource is query services. There’s Profnet, PR Leads, and of course, the company we created, which offers free media lists. With all of these resources you can actually get free media leads sent to your in-box from journalists that are looking for experts and other sources. is absolutely free and offers free media lists as a resource. By taking advantage of these really great services you can connect to the media. So what are you waiting for?

Also, don’t forget your community! You know — six degrees of separation. I promise you, there’s people in your community that know journalists that you should be reaching out to. So let everyone in your network know what you’re up to. They’d love to help you succeed.

The last thing I’d like for you to remember is that when you’re reaching out to the media DON’T GIVE UP! As a PR professional, I’ve found that just like in advertising, sometimes it takes up to seven touches  — that’s right SEVEN TOUCHES! — for them to do a story on you. So don’t get discouraged. Keep at it.

Remember — it’s not just who you know, it’s who knows about you!