We’ve come up with a new publicity service…

You only pay when you’re booked on the TV, radio, print, and Internet outlets that YOU choose!


No placements. No payments.

It’s a simple 3 step process.

    1. You select the press that’s most important to you.
    2. We go after it for you, contacting the media on your behalf.
    3. When we secure it, we send you an invoice.

You’re happy. We’re happy. We continue the process and get you more bookings.

The more media placements you get, the easier it will be for us to book you on your next gig. Because getting publicity lets you build your credibility fast.

Here’s our criteria so we know that you’re media ready so we can book you ASAP:

    • Great platform (You’ve put a lot of thought and hard into your branding and messaging – and it shows.)
    • Media trained/media experience (You’re a seasoned pro at interviewing.)
    • Credentials (You’ve got the M.A., Ph.D., success stories etc.) behind your name and that experience is obvious when you speak to the media.)
    • You know that managing media appearances can be like having a second job. One that you don’t want.

… And all you really need is help landing media interviews.

If you fit all of the above, you’re a good fit for our new approach to PR.

The PR industry’s costly monthly retainer with all the bells and whistles or doing a pay for play model, charging an insane amount for an interview, doesn’t feel right to us when we’re working with someone like you.

It doesn’t fully honor what you’re bringing to the table – all the hard work that you’ve done up to this point by building an engaging platform, obtaining the credentials, and investing in media training – all of which makes our job easier.

After 14 years in business we’ve come up with a solution that’s a win for everyone. It’s the perfect solution for experts that have laid the foundation, are ready to take their brand to the next level, and can really leverage PR – a pay for play model where you only pay for the interviews that we secure.

A win – win – win approach, if you will.

A win for you because you are only paying for what you need.
A win for the media because they interview the best expert for the job.
A win for us because we get to keep our good relationships with the media AND fulfill our mission to change the world.

This approach only works (aka is a win –win – win) if these are in place: