You have your website, maybe a newsletter; you’re giving interviews and being featured in the media, but are you looking for another way to engage your audience? Do you need another vehicle to build your platform? Well, Internet talk radio is a valuable and cost-effective tool. It’s an easy and simple way to build content, boost your credibility, and deliver your message on a national, and maybe even, global level.

When you create a show for Internet talk radio, you’ll have to craft new and fresh content for your audience, which is the key to engaging and eventually selling to them. With all this fresh content you’ll be able to repurpose it and for use in other platforms. Have the audio transcribed and create articles to put out on Internet portals. Film yourself doing the show and put the video on your Youtube or Vimeo channel. It’s also a great opportunity to show your audience your personality along with you knowledge.

Internet talk radio is great practice for your media interviews. Just like interviewing you’ll need to deliver you message in a clear and concise way. And if you want to really boost your exposure and engage your audience, tie your programming into the breaking news and trending topics of the day.  Just like with your pitches, this is the secret to PR success.