The past couple posts, I’ve been writing about how to develop relationships with bloggers. I talked about how to find them, how to pitch them and now I’m going to wrap it up by discussing how to follow up once you’ve developed a relationship with a blogger.

You may have had your product, book or service reviewed or maybe you did a guest blog post for the site, but no matter what success you had, you need to show your gratitude. Now don’t worry about finding their home address and sending them a thank you card or gift basket. (If you do have a book, it would be a good idea to send them a copy if you haven’t already.) But really the most important thing you need to do is follow-up with an acknowledgement. They’ll appreciate it.

So by all means, brag about yourself to everyone you can possibly brag about yourself to. Get on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and tell the world about how you were featured on this blog. Provide a link and drive as much traffic as you can to the blog and really be a voice for support. Send them to the blog’s main page not just to the page you’re featured on. The idea here is to increase the whole blog’s readership and create returning fans. Make sure you keep on top of the comments and respond and engage the community of followers who are commenting on your feature.

And then keep it up. Play an active role in this newfound community where you now belong. Try to provide fresh content whenever and wherever you can and stay in contact with the blogger and continue to develop your relationship.