Per Placement PR Packages


Consistent and powerful messaging is essential to a PR campaign. It is the secret ingredient to success.

We develop your professional press kit using our very own Online PressKit 24/7® technology. We are told by the best in PR and news that our online press kit technology is unlike anything out there. Constructed on a purposefully built, media-friendly technology, your online press kit will house all your press kit materials in such a way that it can be updated by anyone on our team within minutes. This allows us to quickly adapt your kit to respond to breaking news and trending media conversations within minutes. Since close to 99% of media professionals prefer online press kits, this advantage alone often causes media placements; plus, it places you in an expert database,, that U.S. media peruse regularly for story ideas.

In addition, your online press kit materials are written by a former news reporter from a reporter’s perspective, keeping the results you want in mind, and optimized by our internet team to be more easily found by Internet search engines.

During the online press kit development phase, we:

  • Develop your media branding and messaging from your public website, current press materials, and other resources.
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  • Professionally write and assemble an online press kit consisting of the following pages:
  • [su_spacer] WELCOME PAGE ~ designed for the media, including a custom designed banner consistent with your brand

    ABOUT PAGE ~ containing two professionally written versions of your bio: a broadcast bio and a print bio

    IMAGES PAGE ~ housing your high resolution photos for the media

    NEWS AND STORY IDEAS PAGE ~ featuring multiple story angles for use when pitching the media

    MEDIA COVERAGE PAGE ~ housing your past media coverage to showcase to the media

    CONTACT PAGE ~ so the media can easily contact you for interviews

  • Place the completed online press kit on our Online PressKit 24/7® technology so it can be sent as a link when pitching the media and more easily found by media searching online.
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  • Link to your completed online press kit in, our online expert database that the media searches daily.


  • We host your PressKit 24/7 online press kit in the database at no additional charge for as long as your pay per placement agreement remains in force with us. Upon cancellation of this agreement, you will have the option of continuing the subscription at the going subscription rate at that time as published on
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  • We provide up to three press kit updates monthly, such as adding a new media coverage clip, changing your contact information, or adding an updated high-resolution photo.


Our team knows how to penetrate through to the decision makers in all media: TV, print, radio, and bloggers. We produce amazing results for our clients by leveraging the media relationships we have built over the 12+ years of being in business and by creating new relationships with media that serve our clients’ target markets. Think of it as media matchmaking; we identify the media outlets that serve your ideal client and would resonate with your message – and then we connect with them.

During this phase, we:

  • Identify TV, radio, and print media venues that are a specific fit with your brand, expertise, and target market.
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  • Create attention-grabbing pitches announcing specific news the media would likely be interested in sharing with their audience.
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  • Monitor those media placements and charge your credit card per placement upon confirmation of the interview or proof of the placement publishing or airing in the media according to the following criteria:
  • [su_spacer] NATIONAL MEDIA ($2,500 per placement):
    Radio, print, or TV coverage with a national distribution

    TOP 20 MARKETS MEDIA ($1,500 per placement):
    Radio, print, or TV coverage in a top 20 media market

    ONLINE MEDIA ($600 per placement):
    Online coverage with a venue that has a U.S. Alexa rank of 100,000 or better

[su_box title=”Terms of this agreement” radius=”4″][su_service title=”Digital Authorization” icon=”icon: check-square-o”] By selecting this Per Placement PR option, I authorize Wasabi Publicity, Inc. to charge my credit card now for the option selected, and agree to be charged in the future for each media placement secured according to the fee structure published above.

I understand I may cancel this agreement at any time by sending a written cancellation request to [email protected][/su_service]

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($1,500 now + fee structure above)

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