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Welcome! Thank you so much for requesting our Perfect Pitch Formula.

We hope our time-tested formula will support you in getting your message out in the world and help fulfill your commitment to make a difference.

Here are tools to get your journey started:

The actual pitch we used:

Check out the actual pitch that landed one of our clients national media coverage within 8 hours of them coming on board.

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Our training video:

This is an excerpt from a PR training event we held in Budapest, Hungary. In this video, we walk you through step-by-step how to create the Perfect Pitch.

Our plug & play formula:

Now that you’re equipped with the video, here’s our Perfect Pitch Formula plug-and-play worksheet so you can create your very own Perfect Pitch!

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We have poured over 15 years of experience into perfecting this formula to benefit us and our clients – and to provide you with the same tools to use on your journey to ensure you are well-equipped to make a difference too.

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Drew Gerber, CEO
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