See the Pitch That Landed Dr. Phil Within 8 Hours!

This is the ACTUAL pitch my team of TOP PUBLICISTS sent out to our media contacts to land our client, Dr. Jill Murray, an interview with Dr. Phil less than 8 hours after she signed on as a client. Within just one week, this same pitch also landed media coverage with CNN Weekend News, Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell, 20/20, syndicated radio shows, and several major magazine articles.

We’ll include:

  • The actual pitch we used to land our client national media coverage within 8 hours of coming on board.
  • Our training video filmed during a PR training event we held in Budapest, Hungary. In this video, we walk you through step-by-step how to create the Perfect Pitch.
  • Our Perfect Pitch Formula worksheet so you can create your very own Perfect Pitch!

We have poured over 15 years of experience into perfecting this formula to benefit us and our clients – and to provide you with the same tools to use on your journey to ensure you are well-equipped to make a difference too.