On-demand PR

Our On-demand PR campaign is designed to give you the tools, support, and expertise you need for PR success, and – best of all – the flexibility to choose when and how you want to do PR.

What is On-demand PR? Watch this video for a description.

Messaging and Online Press Kit Development

Every successful PR campaign begins with clarity. You’re unique. Sometimes it’s difficult to see that, but it’s true. You just need someone to show you the water you’re swimming in. We uncover how the pieces of your life – your experiences, education, and projects – all weave together into a powerful message that clearly communicates the value you bring to the media.

The PR world is noisy and the media have a lot of choices, so you need to put your best foot forward. The best way to do that is with a skillfully written online press kit that makes their lives easier by giving them everything they need right at their fingertips.

Messaging: This process begins with our insights questionnaire. This thought-provoking questionnaire supports you in getting clear about your messaging, helps you to identify your target audience, and compels you to think more deeply and critically about your overall platform.

We’ve used this questionnaire for years to get the creative juices flowing. It will provide focus for your call with Wasabi Publicity’s Chief Creative Officer, Michelle Tennant Nicholson, considered by many to be a leading media trainer and messaging expert. In your 90-minute branding call, Michelle will guide you through a process of deep messaging work that’ll leave you clear about your gift to the world and will teach you how to message that gift so the media and the people you most want to serve are clear. Many people have commented that this process gives them new insight into their business direction and their brand as a whole.

Online Press Kit Writing: One of our senior writers will review the recording and transcription of your branding and messaging call, as well as any supporting materials (your website, books, etc.). Then, they’ll write your online press kit. You will receive a draft to review and your feedback will be incorporated to ensure your press kit reflects your commitment and communicates exactly what you want to the media. Your online press kit will consist of the following pages:

  • Welcome – a powerful whole-brand summary page that delivers essential information to the media while inviting them to engage further; includes a custom-designed banner consistent with your brand.
  • About – contains three professionally crafted versions of your bio for use across a variety of media platforms (full-length bio, broadcast bio, byline bio).
  • News & Story Ideas – used as the basis for outgoing pitches to the media; also serves as a place where media who are vetting you through your online press kit can easily grab story ideas for their needs.
  • Interview Questions – makes it easy for radio, podcast and television media to access questions you are ready to answer.
  • Media Coverage – showcases current and past media coverage to the media.
  • Contact – so the media can easily coordinate interviews.
  • Images – housing your high-resolution photos for media use.
  • One Pagers – a general summary of your online press kit is readily downloadable in two one-page versions: one for general media and one for radio / podcast purposes.

Hosting and Online PressKit 24/7 Technology (12 months): Your press kit will house all your press materials in such a way that the media has access to what they want, when they want it. It can also be updated by anyone within minutes.

On-demand PR Outreach

Let’s face it, the media is saturated today. It’s important to get in front of the media when you have something important to contribute to breaking news when launching a new book, product, or service. With Wasabi Publicity’s On-demand PR, we introduce you to the media venues that matter the most. There’s no waiting for months for your feature interview to show up on the newsstands—your exposure is immediate so you get known by your target clientele immediately. (You must have your media materials ready to go.)

Angle/Hook Creation: You’ll work directly with one of our senior writers on a brief phone call to create a winning story angle. From there, we’ll create your media pitch using our Perfect Pitch formula, then pitch the media contacts in our database that would be a fit for you and your message. When they respond, we serve their needs until they’re ready to be dazzled by your brilliance.

Media List Development: We will research and compile a list of venues from the relationships we’ve developed over the last 20 years, as well as journalists covering your topic or who would be interested in your expertise.

(1) Pitch Distribution: We introduce you to the media by writing and distributing a pitch to your customized media list. We focus on TV, radio, print, and online media venues and contacts that would resonate with your message, focusing primarily on national, international, and top 20 markets.

(1) Press Release Distribution: We will write a press release and distribute the release through the wire service.

Writing Support: We will partner with you to fulfill the media’s content requests.

Customer Service: We serve the media’s requests by providing brilliant customer service on your behalf.

Interview Coordination: Our team will be your media contact, booking and coordinating interviews and placement opportunities on your behalf.

Media Interview Prep

To build a powerful brand, you need to create the right messages and deliver them powerfully.
We coach you on how to sparkle in public and how to leverage your media opportunities.

Interview Prep: Our Co-owner and Executive Publicist, Michelle Tennant, provides media training and expertise in creating results-generating sound bites and story angles. Included in this package:

  • Working with you, Michelle ensures all messaging matches your overall commitments and keeps your message focused.
  • We will determine and develop sound bites that clearly communicate who you are and what makes your expertise, brand, or book unique.
  • Post-interview review.
  • Post-interview feedback and recommendations.

On-demand PR Options

Messaging and Online Press Kit Development
Buy now for $3,500.


PR Launch Pad: Includes Messaging and Online Press Kit Development, and One On-demand Outreach Campaign
Buy now for $5,000.


On-demand Outreach Campaign
Buy now for $2,500.

Media Interview Prep
Buy now for $500.

If you have questions, please email Drew@WasabiPublicity.com