Here’s what’s notable in today’s news so you can avoid distractions. Rev. Jamal Bryant, who delivered Freddie Gray’s eulogy in Baltimore disagrees with schools closing, calls for civil disobedience teachings and coins the riots more ‘weapons of mass distraction.’ Bryant is a masterful using his sound bites to be memorable and inspirational. Watch and learn. He uses African proverb ‘takes a village’ in addition to timely tie-ins like ‘50 shades of grey.’ He is simply the type of source media friends need while a story is breaking: concise, memorable and engaging. This is especially true when immediate cease fire, like calming down riots, is the necessary message to the masses.

What’s distracting you from your authentic message hitting the masses?

Keep it simple. Choose what’s the best message for the highest and best for all involved. Learn from our spiritual leaders — what brings people together; what unites us; what makes us better and stronger as a human race. Men and women of faith use this type of messaging to bring about peace. While the path to peace might vary from person to person, the ultimate message of peace is always true and authentic. Bryant does this with news makers today in a way I’ve rarely seen.

You can bet he’s been using these messages long before speaking to CNN’s Headline News anchor, Robin Meade.  It takes time to develop and hone just the right message and I bet Bryant’s been doing this for quite some time from his pulpit.

He’s not the only one. For years, months, days, people have been working toward today; a historic day for gay marriage. Many religious leaders are up-in-arms today discussing their beliefs around same-sex marriage which is front of the Supreme Court today.

To keep the public focused free from distractions today, the media will be looking for experts and people with experience on all these topics: riots, race relations, gay marriage, earthquakes, legal fighting, war and transgender topics.

Whew. It’s an intense day. Don’t get distracted.