shutterstock_138867431 People say it all the time with little thought to what they’re actually saying, “That’s insane.” Is it actually insane? Today, the media is asking that question and they need experts who can help the public discussion about what constitutes sane or insane behavior as they process the guilty verdict in the American Sniper trial.

Words. We use them in trials. We use them to ask other people to trust us. Dog and baby food companies use words to entice us to care for the pets and babies we love. In today’s news, media friends are looking for sources who know about toxic dog food and how babies form allergies. LA Weekly is still reporting on how feeding babies peanut products may thwart peanut allergies. What? Haven’t ‘words’ taught us that the opposite is true? Many families have pets and some of these treat their pets like their babies. Surely a public debate on this will continue so families who have been affected by this and health experts who know about the ins and out of this will be sought by media. Fox8 in Cleveland reports on the lawsuit in which a dog food brand ‘words’ (and actions) affect the health of thousands of dogs.

Here’s a PR tip: media LOVE babies and dogs. Why? Because we love babies and dogs.

My husband loves to say to me when I’m stuck articulating something, “Baby, use your words.” He is saying it in a coy and loving way, but here’s the reality. We use our words to create our world. Words = world.

That’s why people are up in arms about the comments Giuliana Rancic made about dreadlocks. Huffington Post reports the whole “is it racist or not” story today.

Words affect the world – the whole world as well. I mean, globally. In college, I was awarded a community honor for my work with Amnesty International. Voice of America reports this organization is releasing its 2014 report stating the world response to violence is ‘shameful.’ As a former Chicago and Louisville chapter leader of Amnesty International, I can tell you that words make a life and death difference. If you’re an author, nonprofit leader or person with knowledge of human rights and the work of Amnesty International, the media will be seeking you to comment on this study.

Finally, today’s shocking words come from an unlikely source. Mother Teresa is in the middle of a controversy sparking global conversation according to the International Business Times. My first job out of college was doing PR for a theater troupe with Call To Action, a group calling for peace within the Catholic church. Religious conversation is a tricky one for the media and if you have the gift of (secular) gab on how to make sense of religious controversy, trust me, the media seeks your voice.

Here’s what I know is really insane. For your voice to not be heard. Speak up. The world is listening.

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