Jurassic World opens to mixed reviews. Do you lean toward the meat-eating Tyrannosaurus rex or the plant-eating Brachiosaurus?  Everyone loves a good debate on whether to eat meat or not. Due to the movie, dinosaur experts are being interviewed by the media. This Wired article discusses whether the movie is accurate. Any movie release sets the stage for news coverage about the content of that movie. Hollywood provides news hooks automatically. So get your scoop by following Hollywood news.

We not only crave celebrity news, we also crave food. This makes for an instant news tie-in. Whether you eat meat or plants, take a tip to survive. Don’t become extinct like our dinosaur meat and veggie eaters … use food as a tie-in to your media pitches.

This time of year, it’s BBQ, baby. Peeps love their meat. (January is the best time for vegans and vegetarians because people are trying detoxes from heavy holiday eating.) In fact, as people travel this time of year, many media venues are covering “best of” in cities all over America. Here, The Washington Post, covers America’s best food cities starting with Chicago.

It you want more meat to your media coverage, do like the T-Rex and just ‘eat it.’ At the movies or at the BBQ.