Today’s news is for people who like green things: Money, holidays, green lattes and kale. That’s right. Not only is everyone in the spirit of St. Patty’s Day but celebs are eating their favorite food from far away and are sharing it on social media. Yup, Drew Barrymore has the world’s attention with her food tour of Tokyo. So, if you’re specializing in the power of blogging and vlogging online, here’s your chance to show how celebrities are showing themselves make-up free while on vacay to stay relevant. Step off paparazzi… people are taking the power of the photo in their own hands. Travel experts can dish about Asian dishes now for a while. I am a huge fan of Drew Barrymore’s. Who would’ve thought we’d be watching our favorite celebs eating something green in Tokyo.

Or drinking something green at home. Starbucks serves a mean green tea latte and lately, it’s over a race chat, reports The Washington Post.  Like I said yesterday, race conversations aren’t going anywhere soon. All you experts in social matters already have been tipped to contact your media friends, but now all you consumer and corporate experts can fire up the phones and email pitching. Whether you think it’s a smart idea or a bad one by Starbucks to write politically motivated sayings on their cups, the media needs your sound bites.

Here’s to being green today and earning or eating green every day 😉