Well, let’s see, today’s news is interesting in particular because scientists say they may have found a fossil of the first human in Ethiopia.

If you’re an expert in fossils, history or can explain why this is such a monumental discovery, media friends may be looking for you.

Fossils to emails are a big jump, but Hillary Clinton is making news again because she used a private email instead of a government issued email. It’s a great breaking news tie-in for a lot of us because we use email and often have to balance which email service we will use: professional or personal. Media will be seeking insights from communication experts, technology professionals, political know-hows and those working in government offices (that means you local peeps) to publicly discuss why Clinton’s emails are even making news. Then you can make an easy segue to net neutrality, what it is and how it might affect the average person using the Internet. When called upon to speak, dig into what other countries are reporting. It’s often a fresh perspective to share. Here’s a report on why Europe doesn’t need net neutrality.

With Clinton’s run to be the first female president looming and a week of women athletes, like Ronda Rousey and Danica Patrick, in the news, a hot discussion remains: women vs. men. If you’re an expert in societal pressures facing women and men at work and in the home, the media could use your soundbites.

I wonder what cave men and women discussed publicly. Maybe they didn’t have time. They were running from dinosaurs. Remember this scene in Jurassic Park? Hopefully, in the near future, we’ll still be talking about rights and not running from Zombies. And there’s another pop culture tie-in for you today. The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus revealed he has a licking problem on Tuesday’s Conan. Uh, licking experts are needed by the media?

[Cough.] Let’s just say, the media will be seeking pop culture peeps with the gift-of-gab and zombie enthusiasts. Good lick! I mean, good luck scoring the media coverage you deserve.