Are you a boy? Or are you a girl? What if you were a boy on the outside and felt like a girl on the inside? If you have expertise in transgender topics, now’s your time to switch clothing and get in on Bruce Jenner’s ‘ride.’ “2015 is going to be quite a ride” said Jenner to Diane Sawyer.

Jenner finally opens up.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender topics heat up conversations, private and public alike. So, if you’re a doctor, therapist or family member who has experience with any of these issues, media friends may be looking for your sound bites, stories and statistics.

Stemming from this story will be how athletes handle openly gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender associates. Sports media will be covering Jenner’s ‘coming out’ commentary as well since he’s been called ‘the world’s greatest athlete.’ So says ESPN. So, trainers, sports doctors, exercise physiologists and anyone else with experience in these matters, be sure to tie this breaking news into your media pitching right now.

Currently, I’m assisting top media with a story for one of my clients on gay conversion banning. I discussed this when Obama spoke out about it in my blog entry, “Fight the Power.” Doctors, counselors, parents, priests, and children experiencing this type of attempted reprogramming can all step aboard this ride to share their stories.

Entertainment news is not exempt from this type of controversy either. Beloved transgender actress, Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black, Netflix) is making headlines about a possible show of her own. I saw her speak in Asheville, NC last year and I have to say her story is remarkable and I’m still spending hours at the gym to have legs as sexy as hers.

Other stars in the entertainment news today include Mike Tyson. This one makes me laugh every time I see it and since I’m fighting a cold right now, I’ll take any humor. Ride along this train wreck and laugh your booty ba tooty off. Tyson entertains us while making fun of Salt-N-Pepa’s popular song and advertisement on a new lip syncing show. All aboard Hollywood commentators, gossip columnists and reviewers.