LeBron James played ‘balls out‘ during the NBA finals. If you’re giving it your all, extreme athletes say you’re, “Balls out.” I learned that when I took a hiatus from my desk job when I was 29 for one summer and became a whitewater raft guide. (There was a funding cut at the nonprofit where I worked and they were thrilled I wanted some ‘time off’ to pursue some adventures.) Unfortunately, that is not the definition I meant when referring to LeBron James. Sadly, he unintentionally exposed himself to a live ABC camera on the floor when he adjusted himself. Celebs exposing bits and pieces are newsworthy.

Remember Janet Jackson’s nipplegate?

How about celebrity moms dressed a bit sheer?

Or Pee Wee Herman?

There’s all kinds of exposure. Let’s be sure the kind you get is credibility-building media exposure. Share your tips, tools, stories, sound-bites and statistics. In today’s news, clothing, society’s comfort levels on TV and celebrity behavior seem to be on the court. Let’s go balls out and get on the court too.