Every day I take a lunch break, I pet my Siberian husky. It so relaxes me and helps me heal my adrenal burnout. And LouLou loves it too, of course! I rescued her. During her first year, she ran feral the shelter told me. Every time I see her catch bugs and grubs, it reminds me how hungry she must have been before becoming part of our family. The love I have for her in my heart is hard to describe, but when you watch films from MutualRescue.org you start to realize, pets rescue us as much as we rescue them. These films are changing the conversation from “people or animals” to “people and animals.” Wasabi Publicity is honored to represent Mutual Rescue. Their first film, “Eric and Peety” went viral in 2016. If you want media attention, tell a story involving animals. Media love pets. Why? Because we all love our cats and dogs. Wednesday, February 1, 2017 the first Mutual Rescue’s cat film launches. Don’t miss it!  Oh, cats. Don’t even get me started on my loves, Ebb and Flow. Meow.

*LouLou is photographed here by Chad Blotner at my ten year wedding anniversary in 2016.