Are you tying your news releases into popular movies? Recently, we tied PR outreach to the very popular environmental movie, The Lorax (one of my personal favorites from Dr. Seuss; second fav is “Oh The Places You’ll Go”). Our client, Landmark Education, inspired one if its graduates to plant 1 million trees in Ethopia with their course, Self Expression and Leadership. It’s also the course where my business partner Drew Gerber and I met. (Did you know that about Drew? He taught my course. Well, he is quite self-expressed. He’s also quite a leader. We teach each other a lot — even to this day almost two decades later.)  PR coverage is already rolling in. A TV show is looking at doing something next week on this “real life Lorax” we know impacting a whole country with his enviromental leadership. So when the Hollywood reels apply to real life, tie it in. Media venues love it.

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