Media Matchmaker

We’ve developed a new approach to PR that brings your message to the media, highlighting you as a trusted expert. If your goal is to be a go-to resource for the media and influence the cultural conversation, let us help.

Journalists are working on endless stories that create our world. Those stories shape our thoughts, determine our actions, and can even influence our feelings. While journalists are always on the lookout for new perspectives that shake up the status quo, they often end up with the same ol’, same ol’.

We’re here to change that.

When the media comes knocking, we’re committed to providing them with engaging sources with unique ideas to share; experts that bring new points of view to transform the conversation and create a ripple effect.

Their audiences are eager to hear your perspective, which showcases you as a thought-leader ready to make waves.

Where Your Expertise Comes In

Your well-established platform is ready for prime time.

  • You … value genuine discussions about pressing issues.
  • You … are a respected expert in your field.
  • You … have a message that inspires change.

You’re no stranger to the PR world and you know how the media dance works. You’re ready for the media spotlight and want the right opportunities to come to you.

We’ve created a win-win-win!

  • You get: well-targeted opportunities at a fraction of the cost of any other PR campaign.
  • The media gets: more unique experts with a powerful message to share.
  • We get: to shape the conversation and make a positive impact in the world.

Curious? Let’s take a closer look.

How Is This Different?

Our PR package is designed to clearly distinguish you from the crowd, get you in front of the people that should know about you, and take your platform to the next level. We develop your campaign and create a clear path so every action we take moves you closer to where you want to go.

We provide what you need to be a go-to resource, and when the media needs your expertise, we pitch you directly to them.

A Good Match

If you’re looking for a PR company to support you in making a difference, we make it easy, from start to finish.

Tell us about yourself

Wow the media with your expertise, as you shape the conversation and make the difference you are committed to making.

Together, let’s change the publicity conversation.

Are We the Right Fit For You?

If you’re like us, the chemistry of a relationship is very important. If you feel we could be a good match, we’d love to know more about you and then hop on the phone to see what sparks.

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