We all know it’s not business as usual right now, but the question is… what is the business at hand? For me, it’s looking for ways where we can help and make a difference during this uncertain, crazy moment in history.

It’s like in one of my all-time favorite movies, A Christmas Carol, when the ghost of Marley tells Scrooge that “mankind was my business.”

So, we’ve been asking ourselves, how can we make a difference?

We know there are a lot of people who have a message to share with the world that would make a difference. We also know that sharing that message with the media is a very powerful way to get it out there.

? We want to help by giving you our 21 Day PR Action Guide. No cost, no opt-ins, no funnels. Download the guide directly here.

? We’re also posting Facebook Live videos to walk you through the guide.

If you have a message that needs sharing now and you want to discuss the best possible way to do that, I’d love to chat with you. No obligations. We just want to fill the world with inspiring messages that make a difference. Lord knows, we all need that now more than ever.