International Publicist, Michelle Tennant Nicholson shares press interview preparation in 12 steps.

Here is a short video with Michelle sharing these steps. Below you can also download the workbook she describes in the video:

? Interview Prep In 12 Steps:

  1. Be pithy – concise & forcefully expressive.
  2. Get to your point!
  3. Be memorable.
  4. Engage the senses. If you were a fly on the wall, what would you see, hear, smell, feel, taste about your story?
  5. Pump up the emotions. Guess what? Dogs like human emotion. So do humans.
  6. Be relatable. Let me say that again. Don’t be weird. Be human. Be relatable.
  7. Connect YOUR experience with common experiences using analogies and metaphors.
  8. Cite facts and stats. ?‍♀️ PRO TIP: Mention the source. (In fact, fight fake news by ALWAYS citing sources. If you can’t cite a source, skip.)
  9. Verbs and action words win the day in interviews and great storytelling.
  10. Express YOUrself. Don’t be rehearsed, coached, and weird. Again, don’t be weird. What wins the day is authenticity, vulnerability, being human, and speaking from the heart. Your voice is muted otherwise. ?
  11. Practice, practice, practice. ?‍♀️ PRO TIP: Practice with kids. They don’t lie. Much.
  12. At the end of the day, tell a great story.

In the pandemic, we’ve gifted our #21DayPR challenge workbook to people pivoting to stay alive/in business/in action. ?

The above steps were taken from pages 111 to pages 123. Here is a digital copy of the book: 21DayPRActionGuide

As I have been saying in the pandemic, “Stories we consume, consume us.” So, choose wisely the stories you share. Remember, sharing your story with the press is intended to amplify THAT story to the masses. So, in interviews if you don’t like the story coming out of your mouth, that’s easy … tell a different story. ?

Happy interviewing! ✌️