Our initiative to inspire change worldwide.

The Italian word Illuminarci means to enlighten ourselves and express what the world is calling for, both literally and figuratively: Our collective burdens are lightened and a path to a world that works for everyone is illuminated.

    • illuminarci (Italian, verb, first-person plural infinitive, ih-loo-muh-nar-chee) – to light up or illuminate

We believe conversations have the power to change the world. That they shape how we think, how we feel, how we act, and we how experience the world. They hold the keys to creating a world that works for everyone.

Not all conversation have an impact, but there are those few that hold within them the seeds to change the world. Those conversations bring clarity, lighten people burdens, and illuminate the path to inspired action. We all have within us those conversations, whether individually or part of a collective.

Our passion is to help clarify those conversations and share them with the world.

These initiatives fuel our passion:

Online PressKit 24/7
To EMPOWER people to harness the power of PR.
PitchRate.com free media leads
To CONNECT the media to conversations that inspire change.
Wasabi Publicity, Inc.
To AMPLIFY our clients’ intentions in the world.
Destination Aha!
To INSPIRE people to be free, self expressed, and living life fully.
Good Wiring Project
To WIRE the world for good with free mobile-friendly websites.

#Illuminarci Candle


What conversations fuel your passion?