How to practice for being interviewedYou practice, and practice, then you practice some more! It’s no different in the PR world. I know you want to look like the polished professional that you are, BUT you may not be sure how you come across to others. To be a media superstar, you have to know how you look to the world, as opposed to how you think you look to the world. With today’s technology, it’s never been easier to do this than with a video recorder.

Here are some great tips to becoming a media star:

1. Grab a Flip Cam. Sit down with a video recorder and interview yourself. (A better option is to have a friend or colleague in the room acting as the “interviewer,” using questions you provide.) Describe yourself in a nutshell, what we in the PR world call an elevator pitch. Don’t get into too much detail—the point is to come up with something that’s easily accessible to a busy journalist. Get them to bite; reel them in after.

2. Grab a Friend – over lunch or a glass of wine. Ask them to play Barbara Walters and interview you. Answer Barbara’s questions. When you’re done playing, ask them how they would have answered the questions if they were you. It might have you see things differently or help you find a new way to communicate your messages.

3. Grab a Kid. Why? Because if you practice your interviews in front of a child (my suggestion is an 8-year-old) and they understand what you’re saying, chances are your audience is going to understand! Speaking clearly and getting to the point is so important. The great thing and children is they’re completely honest. They’ll tell you when you’re not making sense… or boring them.

If you take on these practices you’re going to be a media superstar. These tips will really help you hone your message and communicate with great sound bites, making you ready for your debut at the media’s Carnegie Hall!