American Heart Association

Wasabi Publicity client, Carrie Woodward, a fitness expert,  had a heart attack during our client intake call. Doctors say she wouldn’t be here today had she not been exercising and eating right like she does … and teaches. During the call, I didn’t know she had a heart attack. In fact, she just seemed a bit tired in the call. Weeks later she told us the story and our team said, “Wow, let’s share that with the public as I’m sure it will inspire others.” And boy has it. It’s not only inspired media, it’s also inspired the American Heart Association creator of the “Go Red for Women” PR campaign.  This organization is known for spreading good information to women about how to prevent heart attacks. In fact, they featured the story once they heard about it. Read the article here. So, have a heart! Share your story with associations most likely to be inspired by your story. Share good news and you’ll find others sharing yours.

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