There’s nothing quite like the exposure you get from appearing on The View. A great way to deliver your message to millions of people, one 4-minute segment can boost awareness of your product, increase your credibility and most likely, increase sales. But we all know that landing a segment on The View isn’t an easy thing to do.

The people you see on The View, Oprah or any other major talk show all have the demonstrated goods. This isn’t their first time in the limelight; they’ve landed placements in magazines, have been interviewed on radio shows, maybe even appeared on other national talk shows and been featured in newspaper stories.

They’ve been around the block a few times and it’s safe to say, they began their journey by first grabbing attention of their local media outlets.

And you should too! Getting local coverage is the key to getting on The View or any other top tier media outlet. If you can grab the attention of the media outlets serving your community you position yourself in way that will only strengthen your platform when you reach out to a wider audience. Most producers of top tier media outlets like The View will want to see past media coverage. They’ll want to see clips of you in front of the camera — your on-camera personality, how you answer questions, how you engage with the interviewer, etc. — before they “present” you to millions of viewers. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So if your goal is to land an interview on The View, Oprah, Dr. Phil or any other big name talk show you now know what you need to do first. That’s right…Get local!