Yesterday I was mentioned on the front page of my local daily newspaper. It’s always a thrill for a publicist to see her campaigns receive front-page coverage in a daily newspaper. I rarely become the spokesperson for a campaign. It’s always my preference to have Wasabi Publicity clients take center stage. However, in this case I am saving my own house and the houses of my neighbors, especially those elderly neighbors who can’t access technology well. You can read about the plight here. ?

The unfortunate campaign ( I had to launch June 1st, coincidentally occurred at the same time I chose to coach DIY PR peeps in the #21DayPRActionGuide challenge, which also started June 1st. So, like all the challenge participants, I’m launching something fresh too. Let’s learn from it! As any good writer does, let’s use real life for our writing! (By the way, if you’d like to start the challenge, late, no worries! You can download the workbook for no cost/no opt-in at where my business partner, Drew Gerber, and I have been offering our workbook as a gift to people challenged by the pandemic. And now, by the protests. If you want your voice on a loudspeaker, there is no better way than to partner with the press.

In Week 2 of the workbook, there is a lot of conversation about “news hooks.” The reality is right now our current news cycle is dominated by the pandemic and protests. However, trade news still wants the usual “evergreen” angles related to lifestyle, food, and health. Friday, June 12, 2020, I will meet with all #21DayPRActionGuide challenge participants to coach LIVE. Don’t miss it. I thoroughly enjoyed last Friday’s call. If you missed it, catch up here:  

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I can’t wait to speak to you all again soon! ?