At six, I cried when my mother cleaned with ammonia, thinking she’d get pneumonia from it. She clarified it for me with a giggle. I passed out from pneumonia when I was 16. Attending a performing arts high school, I fainted into my father’s arms in the parking lot while playing Miss Hannigan in Annie. My father forbid me to do any more performances until I was healed. I remember being so disappointed in my body. Hillary Clinton probably feels the same way today after she fainted yesterday from pneumonia.

Being healthy is a series of small choices. Some times, disease is random and not a choice at all. How can we be at our best at all times? Top performers some times skirt healthy choices to drive a result. What is the best “small choice?” If you have expertise as a doctor, nutritionist or well-being expert, the media may be looking for you to explain pneumonia. Trump promises to share his health results.

For the forseeable future, health will be a political tie-in for media sources, stories and statistics. Get your health tips front and center by letting your media friends know you know ammonia. I mean, pneumonia.