You may have heard of Russell Brunson. Very successful Internet marketer and founder of DotcomSecrets, Russell has taken the Internet by storm of late. And you’d be surprised how he got his start! Ever make a potato gun? Well, check out this video!

Pretty inspiring, huh? So what are you waiting for? What’s your expertise?

Have you set up all your close friends with their partners, but never thought of yourself as an expert matchmaker? Maybe you should! I look at it this way: If you can set up your friends successfully, you can probably make love connections for anyone. You already have your case studies. You could start out locally, make a splash, then write a book and help connect couples all over the world.

Here’s the thing: When you find your expertise you’ll see that it was probably right under your nose, but you just didn’t realize it. And chances are it was something you’d never have thought you could package up and sell.

Buy hey, you can sell anything! If you like to do it, then someone else probably does too, and is itching for your take on it. Like to cook? Sell recipes. Like to sew? Sell templates or patterns? Like to eat at restaurants? Start a blog and become local food critic. You’ll never know what’s out there unless you take a step back and analyze the things you enjoy, the things you are good at, and the things that you do that could be profitable. And those are the 3 pieces to the puzzle. No one wants to punch a time card twice a day, 5 days a week all the way up until they retire. So put the puzzle together and start living the life you want.