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You – or your company – make a difference. You have a book, product or service that changes people’s lives. Period. What you lack in PR savvy, you make up for in passion. Yet you know that PR is the key – and if you learned how to navigate the ever-changing media landscape, you could make a bigger difference.

Perhaps you don’t quite “get” PR yet, or how it fits into your overall marketing plan. That’s one reason why you’re particularly interested in this proposal. You know you need to find the right way to speak about you, your products and services to the media, because they are your target market. You understand their behavior and psychology is critical to your commitment. But you need to focus on actions that produce the results; not spinning your wheel with no traction.

That’s where Wasabi Publicity comes in.


You’ve likely stumbled upon this proposal because you’re familiar with Wasabi Publicity’s successes: Our huge London splash landing the Daily Mail, Metro, London Live, International Business Times, and more; landing a client on Dr. Phil within 8 hrs of receiving the signed contract; building a Facebook community of 89K engaged fans within months; launching a web series that garnered XXK views within the first month…

In other words, we create PR campaigns that get people talking about our clients. And the process behind our thinking is the basis of a new program: The PR Influencer. For this program, we’ve broken down our process into 5 distinct elements, and will work closely with you throughout each one. But there is a slight caveat: we can only take on 20 new clients. So we encourage you to take a moment to read through the whole proposal, and then decide whether the offer is right for you.


The PR Influencer is structured according to the 5 elements of PR: Understanding, Messaging, Pitching, Creating and Interviewing. Each element has its own set of deliverables and desired outcomes.

Here is a description of the program’s structure and constituent pieces:

Element 1: Understand

Understanding the media is a necessity for any successful PR campaign, yet the landscape changes, evolves and adapts incredibly quickly. And even though the media’s needs may not change drastically, the way they go about finding and evaluating their sources certainly does. So before embarking on a PR campaign, you first need to understand exactly how the media finds their stories and how they their evaluate experts. That’s where The PR Influencer comes in.

Element 1 Deliverables:

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  • Tribe Insights Questionnaire: A thought-provoking questionnaire that gets you clear and helps you to identify the exact target your offering serves.
  • Customized Media List: We take your document and do our own analysis on which media servers your tribe. You’ll receive our team’s media recommendations and a customized media list with contact details of that media.

Element 2: Messaging

Understanding the media is one thing; speaking to them in a way that resonates on a human level is another entirely. Simply pitching —even if you know the basic pitching rules—won’t enable you to build passion-based relationships with the media. Similarly, sparking marketing copy is always impressive, but if it’s not tied into an emotional need or desire of their audience, you’ll have a hard time getting their interest. In Element 2, we’ll craft a messaging strategy that truly speaks to the media.

Element 2 Deliverables:

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  • Precision Messaging Questionnaire: We’ll send you another thought-provoking questionnaire that will compel you to think more deeply and critically about your messaging. Many people have commented that our messaging process itself gives them new insight into their business direction and brand.
  • Two Precision Messaging Phone Calls: Wasabi’s Chief Creative Officer, Michelle Tennant Nicholson, is considered by many to be a leading media trainer and messaging expert. She’ll guide you through two calls of deep messaging work. You’ll receive a recording and transcript of both calls.

Elements 3: Create

Even those who master Elements 1 and 2 often struggle with the third: creating innovative and attention-grabbing media materials that position their offerings in line with their brand values and media preferences. There are certain parameters of developing consistently engaging, interesting and fruitful media materials. The two most important ingredients to any PR campaign are 1) your online press kit, which provides everything the media needs when they need it, and 2) your pitch. Wasabi has perfected the formula. We call this the Perfect Pitch. Perfect Pitch is a PR philosophy wherein our client provides such a tremendous degree of value to the media’s viewer, readers and listeners that it makes the media choice easy.

Element 3 Deliverables:

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  • Online PressKit 24/7: Our team of seasoned writers will create your online press kit with bios, key messages, new and stories ideas, interview questions and brand descriptions that describe what you do in compelling language.
  • Perfect Pitch Creation: Wasabi’s team will use our Perfect Pitch Formula to create a Perfect Pitch that you can use to immediately pitch the media.

Element 4: Connect

Once you have your Perfect Pitch, it’s time pitch it. And that takes execution—not just overall project management, but an understanding of how to maneuver in the media landscape with skill and efficacy. In Element 4, we integrate everything we’ve done in the previous three elements into a powerful PR campaign that gives you clarity on implementing the campaign idea.

Element 4 Deliverables:

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  • One High-Level Execution Call: This is a 30-minute call with Wasabi Publicity’s CEO, Drew Gerber, to go over the strategic direction and implementation of your PR campaign. During the call, you will get clear on what needs to happen in order to effectively execute the campaign.
  • PR Roadmap: Based on the call, the Wasabi team will create a document with strategic implementation instructions that you can refer to consistently. The PR Roadmap will serve as a bedrock and launch pad for bringing your campaign concept online.

Element 5: Media Star

It’s the Holy Grail of PR: Becoming a PR superstar. Whether you’re an author, startup or non-profit organization, the media plays a starring role in your story to make the difference you are committed to making. It’s not about you and it’s not “pitching” for pitching sake—by delivering real value, you build trust, influence, and a sense of reciprocity with the media. Wasabi will work with you to hone your PR skills and become a media super star.

Element 5 Deliverables:

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  • One High-Level, Post-Interview Call: In this 30-minute call with Michelle, she will dissect your interview and give you valuable feedback to ensure your continued success.


These 5 elements, and each of the deliverables within them, comprise the core elements of The PR Launch Pad package. But since we believe in supplementing your “hands-on” work with education and further resources, we’ve also included several complimentary learning materials.

Complimentary Learning Materials

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  • 8-Module Online PR Training: An 8-week online course that guides you in core the concepts and foundations of PR, including how to pitch the media, how to leverage your media coverage, and how to be a media superstar.
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      1Brand yourself as an EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD
      2Sound bite yourself to CREATE A MEMORABLE MESSAGE
      3Create press materials to WOW THE MEDIA
      4Find the right media lists to CONTACT THE MEDIA
      5Pitch the media and GRAB THEIR ATTENTION
      6Proven methods to follow up with the media for MORE RESULTS
      7Media train yourself to BE A GREAT INTERVIEW
      8Develop relationships with the media to be ASKED BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN
  • Online PressKit 24/7: Access to our cutting edge ONLINE PRESSKIT 24/7 technology so you can STORE YOUR ENTIRE PRESS KIT ONLINE, making journalists’ jobs easier and resulting in more coverage for you. PLUS A FREE YEAR’S SUBSCRIPTION to Online Press Kit 24/7 so your press materials can be easily found online.
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  • Wasabi PR Cookbook: A training workbook designed and developed by my team of publicists that’s used by other publicists, newcomers to PR, and companies who seek to promote themselves. Through powerfully simple exercises, the Wasabi Cookbook gives you the essential tools and walks you through the processes to put together an unmatchable communications package.


As you can see, we’re offering an extensive PR influencer consulting program that covers everything from PR insights, to campaign creation, to pitching. Normally for this package we would charge $10,000. But because this is the beta run of the program, we’re offering it for 50% off our usual rates. That brings your total investment for The PR Influencer package to only $5,000—a steal, if we don’t say so ourselves.


Because it’s a beta run, and due to the discounted price, we will only make 6 client spots available. We have offered this program to thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners, and we do expect it to sell out within a few days. So if you are compelled by opportunity, we recommend you act quickly. We want to create an intimate and hands-on experience and environment, and as such have chosen to strictly limit our total number of clients.


If you would like to set up a call to discuss if the PR Influencer package is the right fit for you:

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Thank you for your interest. We look forward to exploring the possibility of helping you increase your PR influence!