Wasabi Publicity makes you a go-to media source cited in current news. How? The same way we make ourselves the go-to PR experts in our own industry.

“For more than a decade I’ve been an editor for Harvard Business Review and I’ve been impressed by Wasabi Publicity’s clear, to-the-point messages about their clients.”

— Andy O’Connell, independent book editor and
Harvard Business Review contributing editor, January 2016

Here are a few more media venues citing Wasabi Publicity’s PR prowess:

    CNN, Good Morning America, CBS News, More Magazine, Huffington Post, Associated Press, Entrepreneur, PR Week, Bulldog Reporter, and The Wall Street Journal.

This list grows every year we are in business. Yours can too!

Even though international media seek our PR expertise, the question is:

Are we the right fit for you?

Here is what we offer for your consideration:

Branding and Messaging: Working with Wasabi’s Chief Executive Officer, Drew Gerber, and Chief Creative Officer Michelle Tennant Nicholson, you can count on us to make sure all marketing efforts are aligned and consistent with your brand and key messages. These key messages strategically communicate your commitments throughout the media materials and interactions we will execute on your behalf.

Strategic Planning: Developing clear objectives and strategies cohesive with your overall marketing campaign is the first step to every successful PR campaign. We will research the media markets that reach your intended target market, identify the angles most likely to grab their attention, and put together a plan to penetrate them.

Media Training: We coach you on how to sparkle in interviews. Keep in mind, it’s not only what you say or write, it’s what the media hears or writes that the public will learn about you from news coverage. Interacting with the media is an art form. With our team, you will determine and develop sound bites that clearly communicate who you are and what makes your expertise, brand, and services unique. Most clients find this process especially beneficial to future growth.

Traditional Media Outreach (TV, Radio and Print): Our team knows how to enroll media decision makers to use you as a source in their news coverage. Our focus is always on national; however, we will also seek local and industry-specific media placements as appropriate to your campaign. Additionally, our team will contact local media to alert them of your presence in their city as you travel.

Online Media Outreach: We pitch you to bloggers and online news sites and publications, so your search engine ranking improves. Your online placements may show up as book or product reviews, guest blog posts, or bylined article placements, and will often include a link to your website or contact information (or both).

Social Media Marketing (Crowd Sourcing, Content Management, and Ad Campaigns): Your relationships through social networking are an important component of any successful media campaign. Our team will review your existing social media accounts and make recommendations on how to maximize your opportunities. We focus our attention on three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our team can help you build new relationships with your target audience.

Video Marketing: Social media has revolutionized the way online users communicate with each other and video is an integral part of that shift. Visual storytelling is the most powerful tool available in today’s digital age. Recent studies have shown attention spans for those who have grown up in a digital world are 60% shorter than previous generations. Companies must identify new ways to establish meaningful emotional connections with their audience. With new digital platforms emerging daily, increasingly people are choosing to tell their story across several different platforms, abandoning the common “linear” unfolding of a story with a beginning, middle and end. Wasabi Publicity’s production team can capture and tell your visual story anywhere in the world, impacting your online presence in ways you never thought possible.

Online Press Kit Writing: The strength of our online press kit platform has been put to the test since 2002 and the successes we have achieved for our clients tell the tale. There is no other online press kit platform quite like ours in existence today and media contacts underscore this with our team, citing its ease-of-use, handy news and story ideas, photo galleries, and expertise biography pages. A storage folder for important media documents inside your press kit means you never have to do an interview without media materials handy. You can access everything from your smartphone while you travel. Our team of writers reviews all your media materials to concisely present your story to media decision makers. Our powerful online press kit tool puts everything the media needs right at their fingertips, 24/7. In fact, it’s so loved by clients that many keep their kits after the push of their PR campaign comes to an end.

Website Design and Hosting: Many clients come to Wasabi Publicity needing to re-build or create a new website. If you are like them, you are in good hands. Our technology team advises you on the strengths and weaknesses of your current website or can completely build from scratch a website created just for you and your audience. Our eye is on conversion, efficiency, lead generation, client management, and navigation. We build custom-designed websites from scratch, optimizing your site for good search engine rankings and tailoring the look and feel to appeal to your target audience. Because our teams work with high level media on a daily basis, we know what works to attract public attention.