Eat it Tina,” is my favorite line from the movie Napoleon Dynamite and my family jokingly says it to our dogs and chickens. What are you eating today? I don’t just mean what you put in your mouth. I’m also talking about what you allow to influence you.

I’m at my client Dr. Bradley Nelson‘s “Ultimate Health, Wealth and Relationships Retreat” in Las Vegas and the emcee, Ron Eccles, was instructing participants to consider the first step in meeting goals as influence. I couldn’t agree more. We often write down a goal and might take a few actions against that goal, but are you aware that what you let you influence you about that goal might make the difference on whether you’ll meet that goal or not?


Influence includes what you consume, not only through your mouth, but your mind and emotions. Are you reading news and information that forwards and influences your goals? Are you absorbing friendships, emotions and spirituality that inspires and enlightens your path to making your goals?

Here’s an easy recipe:


1 Journal
1 Candle and Match
1 Pen
3 Crayons
Dash of inspiration

Light your candle. Journal about what you want to actually accomplish in your life. Write down your goals, and then draw pictures, graphs (whatever inspires you) of how what you let influence you in your life moves forward your goals. End your journal with a word of inspiration.

If you’re in the media game, like me, take note of the news you consume every day. How can you incorporate information you digest into your goals? I blog regularly about how to create stories, sound bites, stats and more that attract media coverage. One sure fire way to get a media contact’s attention is to consume the news they write or produce. Before you contact them, look them up online and take note of the stories they share. Acknowledge them for their hard work and then share with them what you’ve digested to move forward not only your own commitments, but those that you share in common. Beat journalists cover health, tech and many other topics so get to know them and give them the scoop on what you’re savoring. You can look at today’s news here and see which ‘menu’ attracts you and your goals.

You are what you eat. Literally. Not only in food, but in business, personal growth and public pursuits. So, take note of your macro and micro nutrients every day. Eat it Tina.