This time last year, I shared with you my organic eating tips while attending my graduation ceremony in Pasadena, California. After ten years, I celebrated

[finally] with my masters degree in human development. Or so I thought. Trouble came after the ceremony when my thesis wasn’t accepted. This past year, I’ve worked diligently to get the right type of content into my thesis and happy day: on the last day of March 2012, I got an email that said, “This is acceptable and I love it.” I don’t need to tell you to choose your colleges in a careful manner. However, most of us don’t. We choose what family and friends think best. Or we choose a school based on what paths we cross during our early education.

Me? I chose my undergraduate school, DePaul University because I originally had interest in Northwestern (I can’t even remember why I was interested in THAT school) but ended up choosing DePaul because their theater program was more of a conservatory-style and I could get an undergraduate degree in education. (Mom and dad were sticklers for ‘fall-back’ degrees. Thanks mom and dad.) Years later, I chose my masters degree program at Pacific Oaks College because I had launched a TV network for the National Head Start Association and found most of the national early childhood education thought leaders coming from Pacific Oaks. Looking back, I’m not convinced I would have researched my path to higher education word-of-mouth like I did. In fact, I’d hope that I would approach my higher education in a more research oriented way (like I do most things now in my middle age of life). So when my media contact and blogger friend, Dr. Christopher Lewis, shared with me his new book — I couldn’t wait to help him get the word out about it. If you or someone you know is looking to choose a college any time soon, check out, “The Ultimate College Preparation Blueprint: Everything You Should Expect And Do When Planning for College.”  Oh, and if you’re interested in how my thesis turned out, feel free to read it. I call it, “The Art of Aha: How to Find Health, Wealth and Love in the 21st Century.” And feel free to come to my REAL graduation party. It’s going to be June 9th at the Saluda Inn and Wine Cellar at 7 pm. Hope to see you there. Oh, and if you missed my “why you need a college degree to impress the media” video, I’m including it here again for you. And if you have a good college story, send it to me. I love stories (as you know:-)

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